We make it easy for startups to

receive government funding.

We believe in the massive benefits  startup-innovations provide our society.
Startups don' t have time to waste. 
Our solution can be consumed in under a minute.
Government regulations create equal parts;
risk and opportunity. 
Startups are regulated more now than ever, and this trend continues to increase. 
Our solution is the easiest, most cost-effective way to navigate government regulations.

​We track, report and advise on the government regulations that pertain to your company’s success.  This makes BRIEF the most concise and dependable solution to ensure you and your leadership have the timely information needed for critical decision-making.


Our reports can be consumed in under a minute while illustrating the importance of regulations to your company.  You don't have time to learn about regulations or track complicated legislation, but you need to know when changes will impact your success.​​

Our report can be consumed in under a minute.  We call it a BRIEF.

Our process starts with a Deep Dive Analysis (DDA).  This gives us a baseline to understand the current and future regulations to track.  The more we learn about your company, your process, your challenges, and your product, the more targeted yet comprehensive regulatory tracking designs we can develop.


Using our DDA we target, track and condense federal, state, and local government regulations that will impact your company. 

This report is your Monthly BRIEF.  Below is a link to an example of the concise and easy to consume one-page format. Included in your BRIEF is a short video walking you through key findings.


You select who on your team receive this confidential information.  Armed with additional knowledge, your decision-makers will be in a position to avoid disaster and take advantage of beneficial regulations such as additional funding.

Buzz White
Co-Founder at Afoundria

We were caught off guard when the government changed regulations, and it hurt. We owe it to our clients, investors, and team to know how regulations impact our company's success. BRIEF solved this issue for us, so we have one less thing to worry about.

Evan Burfield
from his book 
Regulatory Hacking

Love it or hate it, we're entering the next era of the digital revolution:

the regulatory era.

"Government regulations for emerging technology"
By Henry EnnisAlan EstevezJoe MarianiJessica MoranJoe Pauloski

The challenge is that all of these different regulators come with different perspectives and goals that drive how they approach the regulation of technology.

We make it easy for startups to...​
...receive government funding.


We have delivered $60 Million in funding to our clients. Funding is out there, let us help you target your share.

...manage risk.


Your team, funders, and other stakeholders are counting on you.  Don't be caught off guard by ever-changing regulations.

...identify government support.


It might be a U.S. Senator or a key regulator, the smartest companies know which relationships are vital to their success.  Utilize our national network to build relationships.

...answer investors' concerns.


Investors want to know your plan to mitigate the risk of government regulations.  We are your answer.

...target government contracts.


The government can be your top client, plus they need the innovations startups create.

...gain a competitive advantage.

Gain a competitive advantage over your competition.  We will map out how.